They attacked my orifices (making free is attacking), all of them, one by one. Did you know eyes were orifices too? I realized it when they got attacked and oozing blue fluid leaked out. They came at them with sharp prongs, like fingers. If their nails were cut short they made up for it by pushing and pushing. Sometimes they pushed delicately and insistently, like caresses. The torture was unbearable. It tore me up. It shamed me to the core. Careless fingers played freely in my mouth, my throat, my nose, my ears, my butt, my little pink vagina, my thin delicate urethra, my eyes. I ceased to be human.

Thick green viscous fluid like motor oil poured out, puddled at my feet — fetid.

This is how I discovered I had been toxic all along.

I was cleansed. Empty of poison, orifices broken and widened, I took in all the emptiness of the world. What a miraculously ample supply! I merge with the emptiness of the world. My skin and my flesh are its vessels. I disappear in the emptiness within and the emptiness without.

Do you have a liver? Do you have lungs? Do you have a retina?

Mine were toxic motor oil. Now I’m pure.