Hiatus 2

1. The day is extraordinarily clear and cool. We don’t get a lot of these any more. I go to the market with the dog to buy water. It’s her first shop visit and she doesn’t have a service dog vest yet so size and meekness will have to do (Dory was small and people were often skeptical: what can such a small dog do?)

I buy 23 bottles of Perrier and the dog is perfect. I didn’t take treats so I have to rely solely on praise. Getting the bottles is exhausting but I make it to the car and when I get home I leave the bottles in the trunk, where someone else can retrieve them later.

The day is so gorgeous that we go to the park, where the dog runs and plays with other dogs but also stays close and comes when called. Again, perfection. Thankfully this is not a super active dog and after bit she is ready to go home.

We go for ice cream.

I crash massively. One tends to maintain the delusion that a good rest will fix everything but, first, a good rest doesn’t happen and, second, I emerge from my dodgy rest achy, terribly irritable, and cryful .

The ice cream was worth it, though.

2. I miss you.