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Gentleman Jack

Suranne Jones, playing Anne Lister, with a big, expectant smile on her face. Bright green hills blurred in the background.

I knew there were lesbians in the production team of this show at

1. Anne, to God/the skies/the ceiling: “Don’t you do this to me again.”

2. Ann: to Anne who is a million miles away, via the mirror, telepathically: “Don’t leave me.”

3. Anne: to Ann, who is holding her and looking at her with tenderness and reassurance: “Don’t hurt me.”

(This may just be historical accuracy, but that the two protagonists are both called Anne/Ann seems to me a sign of exquisite depth of understanding. Here’s one reason: the patriarchy has codified nomenclature in such a way that this never happens to heterosexual couples. Other reasons to come when democracy is in less acute meltdown and I’m less anxious and despondent about fascism in America #IowaCaucases).

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