The beatitudes of healing

1 There is struggle. Days are struggle. Nights, thankfully, are not, typically.

2. Prazosin. Magnesium. Nights saved.

3. How to delay rage: you tell yourself that if it’s worth raging about you can raise it the following day.

4. Rage passes.

5. On weekends you miss your analyst with the fierce sweep of passionate love.

6. Slowly she grows in constancy.

7. No one can work with me who is not willing to love me. Also not scold me. As a child I got lots of scolding and I used it as love (love in the currency of reproach and punishment). Now, scolding chars me.

8. My first analyst taught me how to take the love the was offered me. It was brutal work.

9. May the helpers be blessed. May the full-time helpers be blessed. May the healers be blessed. May the healers receive abundant gratitude and may generous gifts be bestowed upon them. May God make their lives easy and sweet.

10. May their mistakes be forgiven and they shortcomings accepted with love and gentle humor.