FAILE, Never Enough, 2010

There are things that are just too hard to say, not because there are no words to say them, but because words are like boxes, if I give you a box and you don’t open it the thing remains unsaid. People sometimes refuse to open boxes. On other occasions, people don’t recognize boxes as such so it doesn’t occur to them to open them. Some other people don’t know they have to open the box, think the box is all there is. Or they want but can’t open the box — the box is taped too well, sealed too well, their nails are short, they don’t have an x-acto knife available, their nails are the right length but they don’t want to risk breaking them, it’s too much work, they shake the box and the content breaks, be careful with the box, open it, be careful, don’t shake it too hard, go ahead, open it, open it, please open the goddamn box.

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