1. This is a nondescript, none too inspired new theme, but at least it’s legible.

2. Writing is hard.

3. Last week the connection with my analyst had to withstand great external blows.

4. I have inherited my mom’s, my dad’s, and my uncle’s physical and verbal violence. Thanks for nothing y’all.

5. Thank God in heaven I am not too emotionally violent, and can repair.

6. I absolutely loathe bringing this violence into my life.

7. I feel very sad when I am faulted for it but I take the accusation like a (sad and dejected) trooper (i.e. not much of a trooper but still).

8. Analyst A built me up for seven years then proceeded to take me down hard until I said enough and walked away.

9. This is the best testimony I have that good work sticks.

10. Analyst B has just learned that taking me down destroys me. Now she builds me up. I forgive her for destroying me.

11. Analyst B is as strong as the Golden Gate bridge. She sways and rocks but by God she is open for transit every fucking day.