1. In two weeks it’s my birthday, the saddest day of the year.

2. Tonight Biden won in SC and the media are calling it a landslide but when Bernie won the previous three primaries I don’t recollect them calling it a landslide.

3. I think everyone may be relieved that Bernie didn’t win, but I am not. I prefer Bernie ten times over Biden.

4. Still this is the Black vote and who am I to question the Black vote?

5. But I do, because we don’t need Joe Biden anywhere near the White House this time around.

6. I am sad that the Warren campaign may be over. A Warren presidency would be a dream. Bernie would be good too though not a dream.

7. This is all I have to say tonight here.

8. Also books. Books give solace and wisdom and a look inside the marvels of the human mind. There is nothing like books.

P.S. I just saw that #BidenHarris2020 is trending in Twitter and this is dreamy!