1. How much trauma is too much trauma? How do we heal?

2. I just read in the Guardian a beautiful extract from a forthcoming book written jointly by the family of Greta Thunberg. This particular bit is written by Greta’s mom.

3. Healing takes a village. It also takes patience. It also takes luck.

4. I feel I have a village and I have patience, but I need a bit of luck.

5. I am a Christian but it’s hard for me right now to think of God. God is for many such a source of succor. For me now he’s a source of anxiety and also rage.

6. God, I cannot deprive myself of anything for Lent because my life could not be more pared down. If I deprive myself of more there will be nothing keeping me alive.

7. God, why do you keep letting me down?

8. Should I “deprive” myself of hopelessness? Is it possible? What will life look like without hopelessness? Should I try?

(Many apologies because I have not being able to provide alt text for images lately. It’s an unforgivable omission but I find it utterly exhausting. I’ll catch up as soon as I can)


The day ends well

1. Banana bread with choc chips, walnuts, yogurt and jenmagic. We brought some to the downstairs neighbors who are always in need of appeasing because of my nocturnal life.

2. Huge confederate flags at early voting sites in NC. God save us all.

3. The patriarchy is having a very good time in America. The white heterosexual patriarchy that is. A pox on it.

4. The day is ending well. Praise be to the Lord.

5. I do invoke God, the Lord, etc. with playfulness, but in reality I cannot imagine existing without faith in an everloving, tender, endlessly providing God who is my mother my father my sister my lover my friend.

6. Faith lives best in our actions, far from our mouths. It is for others to call us Christians.